Hydrotherapy for Dogs Swimming Sessions

Our brand new custom-built hydrotherapy pool boasts large swimming area with jets that enhance the swimming experience. The pool is heated and is a safe environment for your dog to swim, we offer extra support for dogs that are not familiar with swimming. We can help to improve the overall condition and well-being of all the dogs we see, Hydrotherapy can also be used pre and post-surgery to build muscle and relieve pain as well as helping dogs cope with long term conditions and Degenerative diseases. Swimming is excellent for fitness so dogs that play fly ball or show dogs can benefit too, it is an all-round good work out for your pet. Our session can also be tailored to a weight loss program.

Dog Hydroptherapy Benefits

  • Burns more energy per session compared with normal walking
  • Better for your dog if they have joint issues
  • Safer than out walking as no chance of other dogs attacking/engaging with them
  • Heated pool
  • Can be used pre and post surgery to help recovery and build muscle and relieve pain
  • Helps dogs with long term conditions and degenerative diseases
  • Benefits fly ball and show dogs
  • Assists with weight loss – ask about our weight loss assistance program

Mini Dog Groom

After a swim your dog will obviously be very wet, we offer anything from a simple rub down, whereby you can dry your dog in your own home. To a shampoo rinse, brush and dry, the choice is yours but at Casa Canine we love to pamper your pooch.

Swimming vs Walking exercise session

  • Walking (30mins)
  • Swimming (30mins)
Dog swimming vs walking

Above is a comparison between a dog walking vs swimming session for 30 minutes exercise. As you can see it’s not only healthier for your dog due to the extra energy used when swimming but if your dog is older or has joint problems causes them less pain and discomfort.